Blauvelt Piano Tuning Expert Charles Flaum

Residents of Blauvelt have relied on Blauvelt piano tuning expert Charles Flaum for over twenty years. Ever since Charles returned to his hometown of Suffern after attending North Bennet Street School for Piano Technology in the 1980s he has tuned pianos in Rockland County. Blauvelt, New York is a family area, home to a number of piano teachers and professional musicians. Charles has tuned for almost all of the piano owners in Blauvelt over the years.

If you are a piano owner in Blauvelt Charles will be delighted to help you make sure you put your piano in the best part of your home for its longevity (position your piano away from drafts and heat sources). If you want your children to play piano, Charles can also help make sure you have the right piano equipment (pedal extender, booster cushion, adjustable bench and proper lighting) to make sure your piano is set up ergonomically for your growing family. As a parent of musical children (his son is a crisis interventionist who uses percussion and other music modalities in his therapeutic work), Charles has always known that music education must be the key to a balanced life and enhanced learning abilities – it starts out with understanding The Mozart Effect, but there is new research everyday showing that music is the key to accentuating or fully developing cognitive abilities.

Research proves that music education significantly enhances literacy via strategic changes on the cognitive system used to maintain and store retrievable memories.

Charles tunes pianos for many piano teachers. He also tunes for parents whose children take piano lessons. Ask Charles what your piano needs for your child to get the most enjoyment and sense of musical control from their piano practice and playing. There are certain adjustments he can make to the action improve the easiness of depressing keys and he can do voicing to adjust brightness or harshness of tone. Pedals also can be adjusted for ease of use by small children. Charles can also tell you where to buy a pedal extender which can be great for small children who are ready to use the pedals.

As a craftsman trained in the old style European mastery methods, Charles is a highly sought after piano technician because he can make the piano sound better than if it were brand new freshly minted. He can expertly diagnose and solve any of the thousands of unique problems a piano might develop as it ages. Charles can also help you prevent, through timely maintenance and good piano environmental modifications (such as a damp chaser or a cover if necessary), some of the more costly problems that can occur when pianos are not maintained.

The interior of a piano can degrade over time

This graphic illustrates the different systems that work together in a grand piano: from keyboard bed to action to pinblock to soundboard to bridge to metal plate. A technician needs to know how to repair and replace any to all of these 10,000 working parts.

Like many craftsmen from long ago, Charles is more than a craftsman, he is a widely read person with many interests and skills. Recently he completed a two-year video project making a mini-series of teaching videos combining his expert knowledge of pianos with his understanding of the everyday decisions people make when they are trying to buy a complicated product they don't know very much about. Charles isn't going to sell these videos; he simply hopes that people can learn before they buy a piano, thereby saving money and avoiding some of the big mistakes people typically make during this process. Generously, he's using video to share his knowledge in a fun and animated way. He is truly an educator when it comes to talking about pianos, and likes to make sure people know as much as they need to about their pianos.

Charles cares for grand and upright pianos in people's living rooms, but also tunes in nursing homes, schools and places of worship

Charles cares for grand and upright pianos in people's living rooms, but also tunes in nursing homes, schools and places of worship

If you live in Blauvelt, New York, and you have a piano or want to buy one you should certainly give Blauvelt piano tuning expert Charles Flaum a call at 845-542-4706 or check out his website: