"To give real service you
must add something
which cannot be bought
or measured with
money, and that is
sincerity and integrity."
  • Piano Tuning
  • Key Repair
  • Pedal Repair
  • Hammer Repair
  • Broken String Repair
  • Action Repair & Regulation
  • Piano Cleaning
  • Hammer Voicing
  • Appraisals
  • Insurance Damage Claims
  • Piano Humidity Control Systems
  • Buying or Selling a Piano Consulting
  • Piano Teacher Recommendations
  • Piano Lamps, Benches, Cushions

Charles Flaum of Rockland Piano Tuning keeps almost every New City piano in tune. He probably tunes your neighbor’s piano, or your piano teacher’s piano. Piano owners and piano teachers in New City, Nyack, Suffern and all over Rockland County recommend Charles Flaum as the piano tuner they have used since 1989. Here is why:

Rockland Piano Tuning: Charles Flaum provides the best and most comprehensive piano service business in Rockland County. He is a highly experienced craftsman and RPT (registered Piano Technician). Aside from tuning your piano, Charles Flaum is customer service oriented. He listens to you, his customer, and takes time to explain and recommend exactly the right piano repair services your instrument needs. He listens to your needs and concerns, and takes into consideration your budget, family piano usage and your musical goals as well. For decades the finest piano teachers and professional musicians who have their pianos, studios and homes in New City or Rockland County have relied on Charles Flaum as their consummate professional piano technician. His website is www.rocklandpianotuning.com.

Charles Flaum has been based in Rockland County since 1989. He graduated from Suffern High School in 1977 and after attending Berklee College of Music he attained his craftsman degree in Piano Technology from North Bennet Street School, the oldest trade school in America. He built up a fine reputation as a craftsman here in Rockland County and many of his customers are in the New City, Nyack, Monsey and Suffern area. Most of his business comes from personal referrals and word of mouth.

Piano Repair Services that Charles Flaum offers range from minor repairs like broken string repair, to key repair or replacement, or hammer repair or replacement, all of which will keep your piano working properly. But he also can adjust the way your piano sounds and the way the keys respond to your playing by voicing the hammers (which can adjust the tonal quality of the piano) and regulating the action (which can enhance the way your piano responds to your playing). These adjustments can affect the control you have over musical dynamics.

Charles Flaum also appraises pianos for insurance purposes or when people are buying or selling. He can advise you on the best way to prepare your piano for sale and what you can reasonably expect to sell your instrument for. He can also give you consultation if you are looking to buy a piano or trade up for another piano.