Why should you choose to hire me?
Since I started this business in 1989, I have worked for some of the best piano teachers and professional pianists in Rockland County - many still recommending me after 20 years.
Career Highlights:
  • Twice elected President of the New Jersey Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild.
  • Concert Piano Technician for the Concert and Artist Division of Baldwin Piano in NYC.
  • Graduate of North Bennet Street School in Boston - #1 school for the piano trade and the oldest trade school in the USA.
  • Recognized by the Rockland Journal News in 1992.
How I approach every job:
Nearly every client I've met cherishes their piano. It doesn't matter what size it is or how old it is or what make it is or what condition it's in - every client wants their piano well taken care of by a craftsman who knows his trade inside and out and at the same time keeps in mind the costs the client incurs in maintaining their piano. This is the type of craftsman I am.